Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection

Ransomware, advanced threats, and phishing attacks are responsible for millions of dollars in damage due to lost productivity, credibility.As hackers plan increasingly more sophisticated attacks, your organization needs to know how to protect your data.Advanced Threat Protection gives protection against advanced malware, zero-day exploits, and targeted attacks, that are not detected by the virus scanner or intrusion prevention system. ATP analyzes files in the Barracuda ATP cloud and assigns a risk score and can determine files with high, moderate or low risk are handled.You can configure email notification of the administrator and can enable one of the automatic blacklisting policies.

You might have come across the recent WannaCry ransomware attack that affected more than 150 countries. This is indeed a nasty outbreak. Once your computer is infected, it instantly searches for other PCs that are vulnerable throughout your network.


How Can Barracuda Help?

Barracuda provides a broad range of solutions that collaborates and help you in detecting, preventing and recovering from ransomware attacks



Barracuda offer powerful tools to detect threats of all types- already lurking in your network to the advanced threats attacking your systems.


Advanced Detection Technologies

Anti-Phishing Detection

Barracuda email security products use multiple advanced techniques to detect and block phishing attempts.







Advanced   Threat Protection


Most of Barracuda products offer cloud-based multi-layer scanning engine feature ( add-on subscription). It detects advanced malware across multiple vectors with sandbox analysis and can find even unknown threats occurred before.









Complete prevention of ransomware requires a set of solutions that offer top-notch technology to secure all vectors that hackers deploy to attack you.



Barracuda NextGen Firewalls are designed in a manner to give total security against today's dispersed network infrastructure including on-premises, cloud-hosted, SaaS-based, and mobile elements, as well as third-party applications. It enables secure network connection for your remote workers, improve site-to-site connectivity, and ensure secure and smooth access to cloud-hosted applications.






Barracuda's email security products (Essentials for Email Security, Essentials for Office 365, and Email Security Gateway) provide comprehensive protection against email-borne threats of all kinds and deliver data protection by scanning outgoing emails for sensitive content.










Web Traffic

Barracuda Web Security Gateway leverages Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection allows you to use online applications and tools without exposure to web-borne ransomware and other threats. It also detects and blocks internal spyware trying to access the internet.


Web Applications

Barracuda Web Application Firewall (WAF) continuously monitors your outward-facing websites and applications to identify, log, and remediate OWASP Top 10 attacks such as SQL Injections and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS).



In the era of ransomware attacks, a robust backup strategy ensures that no harm is done to your network and thus attackers didn't get a penny.



Barracuda Backup automatically creates updated backups and duplicates them to secure Barracuda cloud to an off-site location.If attackers encrypt your files with ransomware, all you need to do is; first eliminate the malware, then simply delete the encrypted files and restore them from a recent backup file. The whole process can take as little as one hour, and you can get back to business leaving the hackers empty handed.