Cyber Security in 2020 & beyond

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Cyber security has always been the number one priority for businesses across the globe. A data breach can happen to any organization, be it small or big enterprises, cyber criminals can easily access sensitive data if left unprotected. The statistics of 2019 are alarming, and it shows in every 39 seconds there occur a hacker attack. As we approach the next decade it is important to understand the latest and evolving technologies that are at the forefront of cyber-security and what steps can organizations adopt to combat these growing threats. 

Cyber criminals are a persistent threat to businesses of all sizes and surprisingly only 36% companies have a proper cyber security plan in place. Number of companies that perform a cyber risk assessment in the last 12 months fall under 32 %. It is vital to implement proper policies and plans to protect your business, as hackers become more and more sophisticated in their techniques.  

In 2020, 5G is expected to make an impact by taking connectivity to the next level but that will put businesses in a raft of cyber security dilemmas. The technology will create opportunities across many industries, but also will create increased threats from the cyber criminals. This is due to using more information and communication technology (ICT) components compared with previous generations of wireless networks.

Also 2020 will see an increase in cyber attacks that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning.  Attackers will weaponize AI to find and exploit weaknesses, and to take information from successful hacks to develop even more powerful attacks. AI could also be used to create highly targeted phishing attacks (a practice known as ‘spear phishing’) by quickly searching and collating large amounts of data online in order to mimic legitimate organizations and requests for information.

Small businesses are usually the victim of cyber attacks this is because they are less likely to have dedicated cyber security resources to protect their businesses and are relied upon an external IT company for their needs. They are also less likely to have an adequate cyber security budget which leads to weakened coverage. 

There exists no silver bullet that enables an organization to completely protect themselves against a cyber-attack, but there are numerous defensive actions that will help. Focusing on implementing the “cyber essentials” is always an excellent starting plan for any business.

Phishing scams will remain one of the most prevalent types of cyber-attack that businesses need to be aware of, as well as the risks associated with using mobile devices across different networks for both business and personal use. Also, organizations must educate their personnel about the risks of these attacks and ensure that their network is carefully monitored all the time. 

The consumer Internet of Things (IoT) industry is expected to grow to more than seven billion devices by the end of 2020.Many of us do not see IoT devices as a risk because a majority of them do not have a user interface. However, IoT devices are not only collecting valuable user data, they could easily become an entry point for an attacker or tool to launch an attack.

These are some of the cyber security insights that could come in 2020 and the years that follow. If you are concerned about the cyber security plan of your business, it is high time to invest in a few extra security measures. 

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