Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery Made Easy. 

AppliBackup® & AppliDR®

Two full Managed Services that secure data on the Cloud & keep applications running

4 Facts and 4 Questions For You!


FACT 1: Bankruptcy is faced by 93% of companies that lost their data center for 10 days or more! 

QUESTION 1: What is your disaster recovery and business continuity strategy?


FACT  2: Human error causes 58% of downtime incidents and 42% of data loss.

QUESTION 2: What is your strategy to help prevent human errors leading to data loss?


FACT 3:  1 hour of server downtime can cost up to 50,000 USD  because we so heavily depend on technology in virtually every aspect of our lives!

QUESTION 3: What is the cost of an hour of your server downtime and what are you doing to ensure immediate resumption of operations?


FACT 4 : Specialized IT staff are hard to come by and expensive to maintain, thus their time should be used for high value tasks.

QUESTION 4: What are you doing to offload your IT teams from mundane and repetitive tasks such as performing backups and maintaining DR sites? 


AppliBackup® and AppliDR® leverage the experience and skills of Applicom’s software and hardware engineering teams in conjunction with cutting edge technologies offered by Microsoft Azure and Veeam Cloud Connect . 

Applicom delivers a full end to end service to keep your critical data safe and your onsite Virtual Machine (VM) servers “fully replicated “with  copies on multiple cloud locations.

As a Microsoft CSP Partner and a Veeam Cloud Service Provider, Applicom benefits from the support of two worldwide technology leaders . 


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  • Extend backup and replication to the cloud
  • No static IP or site-to-site VPN required
  • Failover of entire on-premises site to Microsoft Azure
  • Site failover simulation to test functionality with no impact on production

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