Guest WiFi Management

WLAN Controller for Social Media Login | User Data Collection | Customized Login Pages | Guest Wi-Fi Management | Billing Plans | User Activity Monitoring & Many More..

--- Works with ANY EXISTING Wi-Fi ACCESS POINT ---

4ipnet Wireless LAN Controllers offer Complete User/Guest/Employee  Wi-Fi Management including User Authentication, Authorization & Accounting. 4ipnet WLAN controllers which works with any existing Wi-Fi Access Points.


4ipnet's WLAN Controller is a must need for all Enterprise, Hotels, Universities, Schools, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Residential Villas, Retail Stores, Pharmacies, SMB's & Retail Outlets where they have Access Points but no Device for User/Guest Management. 


There are NO RECURRING LICENSES or modules for any functionality. Comes with 2 Years Warranty & Life Time FREE Firmware Upgrade.


What Makes Us Different?

WHG201 is a SMB Grade WLAN Controller, Can Manage upto 10 4ipnet AP & 40 Concurrent Users 

WHG325 is an Enterprise Grade WLAN Controller, Can Manage upto 80 4ipnet AP & 200 Concurrent Users 

WHG 525 is an Enterprise Grade WLAN Controller, Can Manage upto 300 4ipnet AP & 800 Concurrent Users 

WHG321 is an Enterprise Grade WLAN Controller, Can Manage upto 40 4ipnet AP & 100 Concurrent Users 

WHG425 is an Enterprise Grade WLAN Controller, Can Manage upto 150 4ipnet AP & 400 Concurrent Users 

WHG711 is an Enterprise Grade WLAN Controller, Can Manage upto 500 4ipnet AP & 2000 Concurrent Users

Summary of Features | 4ipnet Wi-Fi Controllers

Customized Login Pages

Allows you to quickly enable multiple unique Wi-Fi login pages per deployment depending on various access point locations. Each login page is fully customizable to show unique branding or location-based advertisements, and can also be designed with customer-defined data fields for collecting relevant data for analytics and marketing.

User Data Collection

Business owners can collect valuable guest data such as name email id and mobile numbers and save it in the internal memory of the hotspot gateway. With the collected information business owners can better understand their target audience and optimize product offerings and promotional programs resulting in more effective campaigns and increased revenue

Social Media Login & Demographics

4ipnet's social media login integration offers businesses providing free Wi-Fi with additional tools for more effective customer insights and marketing. Guests can easily login to Wi-Fi using their Facebook, Google+, LINE, VK, or OpenID accounts, allowing business owners to collect basic profile information such as gender, location, and birthday.

Billing Plans

By limiting free Wi-Fi access by duration or time venue owners can better maintain open seats for new purchasing customers. Multiple billing plans can also be enabled to create tiered Wi-Fi service with different usage quotas, price and network access privileges.Finally a tablet -based billing plan selection interface provides a simple way to create accounts for guests.


Detailed User Logs & Reports

With increasing security regulations in both public and enterprise Wi-Fi deployments, WLAN solutions need to be able to effectively track all network activity. 4ipnet offers a complete set of logs & reports from its monitoring interface, including user browsing histories, NAT conversion logs, and all authentication related events.

No Recurring Licenses

4ipnet offers a licence free ALL-IN-ONE wireless solution. There are NO RECURRING LICENSES recurring or module for any functionality. Comes with 2 years warranty and lifetime FREE firmware upgrade


Guest Email Authentication with Verification

With 4ipnet’s guest Wi-Fi email login mechanism, network administrators are able to validate the authenticity of the entered email addresses by granting users with restricted access until the activation link is triggered. Furthermore, given the ease of free email account registration, device MAC addresses are also logged to maintain the integrity of the set access limitations, such as duration per access or number of reactivation per day.

Role-based User Policies

4ipnet solution provides network administrators with the ability to predefine multiple user roles and assign unique access policies that take effect at different times and locations in the wireless network.The integrated access control functionality includes:

  • Bandwidth control
  • Traffic classification and QoS
  • Firewall -Profiles 
  • Routing Policies 
  • Concurrent Sessions Limitation 
  • User idle timeout 

Integration with SMS Gateway or Services

Direct Integration with SMS Gateway & Services for OTP Authentication. Guests can register and login by themselves using their Mobile Numbers to get an SMS to get an OTP via SMS and also have the option to pay for premium access directly via their own PayPal accounts.

Secure User Authentication

Enterprises and organizations need to have complete visibility of all Wi-Fi users on their network in order to prevent, identify, and fend off potential intruders. 4ipnet’s WLAN solution supports both 802.1X and browser-based authentication, ensuring the proper identification of network users before granting access to the network. Existing external authentication databases such as LDAP, POP3, NT Domain, and RADIUS can be easily enabled by network administrators and uniformly enforced across all deployment sites. Additionally, captive portals are fully customizable for web-based authentication of visitors or guests, utilizing authentication options such as social media, e-mail, or SMS.

Seamless Integration with Micro Opera PMS

Typically found only in network access gateways, 4ipnet has taken the Opera PMS interface and integrated it directly on the WHG-series gateway-controllers, becoming one of the only WLAN solutions on the market to offer the PMS interface directly in the same box together with AP management, user authentication, and user policy enforcement. This design allows hotels to significantly reduce initial infrastructure investment without sacrificing on any of the functionality.

Key features of 4ipnet's WLAN Controller

  • Billing Plans: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly & yearly billing plans for all users/employees. Can also provide Billing Report & Total Usage Statistics.
  • User level Bandwidth Limitation : 4ipnet controller can offer limited bandwidth per user so that other user on the network will not be effected if one user is downloading huge video files. Concurrent Connections Limitation is also possible.
  • Avoids unauthorized traffic on network by allowing internet Access to only one device per user/employee. MAC Address binding is also possible
  • Social Media Login: Allows Internet Access thru Social Media Login & Captures Valuable Guest Data such as Email, Mobile & Name
  • Build Your Own Customer Database:  Allows you to collect valuable Guest Information such as Name, Email ID & Mobile Number which helps in building customer database to send promotional email as a part of Email Marketing campaign. E-mail registration & Activation is possible.
  • User Activity Monitoring : User Activity Monitoring is possible. User Events Logs & User HTTP Web Logs. Browsing History, Idle time & up time with Complete logs.
  • Gateway for Multiple WAN Connectivity with Load Balancing:  No need of Additional Appliance for WAN Connectivity & Load Balancing.
  • Network Services : Supports DHCP Server / DHCP Relay, Network Address Translation, Built-in HTTP Proxy Server, Dynamic Routing, Local DNS Records, Integrated Billing & Accounting System, Billing Quota Types (By Duration & By Traffic Volume) 
  • User Policies : User Policies can be created based on Role, Time and Location
  • View Third Party AP's : Allows you to view Any Existing Brand AP on a single Window. See whether they are working or Not