Did you know the dangers of unsecured Wi-Fi?


unsecured wifiNothing in this world is free, except a Wi-Fi hotspot provided by a hacker.!!!!

A majority of the people will connect to an unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot if it's free.

But how many of us know the dangers while accessing an unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot???

The Risks of Public Wi-Fi

The biggest threat to free WiFi security is that you're sending your information to the hacker, who then relays it on.The hacker has then access to every piece bit of information you're sending out on the Internet: important emails, credit card information and even security credentials to your business network. Once the hacker has that information, he can access your systems anytime. Hackers can also use an unsecured WiFi connection to send malware. If you allow file-sharing across a network, the hacker can easily send an infected software on your computer. 

A study conducted by an anti-virus firm revealed that people neglects about secured wireless hotspot and connects to the free Wi-Fi hotspot whenever they see any.The researchers concluded that you can't always identify the source of a Wi-Fi network, or verify its integrity. Many individuals realize that surfing over open Wi-Fi isn't secure. However, these same people fail to understand that their device might automatically connect to a Wi-Fi network unless they adjust their settings.

Stay Protected!!!

There are various ways by which you can stay away from unprotected Wi-Fi hotspot.Using a virtual private network (VPN) connection restricts a hacker to position himself in the middle of your connection, as the data here will be strongly encrypted.Also, you can use SSL connection and turn off the Wi-Fi when you don't need it.

Will these methods gives you a total protection from unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot??. The answer is NO!!. In order to have a secure Wi-Fi connection, you need to have a secure Wi-Fi hotspot.

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