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Buy Microsoft Azure


Please specify the Windows Azure functionalities you are interested in then submit the form and one of our experts will contact you.
Migrate Existing Workloads
Move existing on-premises workloads running on both physical and virtual machines to the Windows Azure cloud. Windows Azure virtual machines remove the hassle of maintaining your own IT infrastructure
Setup New Workloads
Instead of purchasing new hardware, expand your network to Windows Azure.
Disaster Recovery as a Service
Replicate virtual machines to the cloud, providing near-instant failover in the event of a disaster.
SQL Databases
Offload software such as SQL, or have a hybrid environment with part of an SQL database residing on the cloud (i.e. stretch databases) for archiving purposes.
Infrastructure as a Service
Virtual machines running Windows or Linux.
Implementation Services
Our team of network and IT infrastructure specialists can scope out and implement your entire set of cloud requirements.
Migrate Existing Workloads
New Workloads
Disaster Recovery as a Service
SQL Databases
Infrastructure as as Service
Implementation Services

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